ronin-s hire london


Professional Stability in a Compact Format

  • A detachable, modular design, easily mounted to either tripod, car mount or jib. 

  • Powerful motors will stabilise your shots up to speeds of 75kph

  • Supports almost all DSLR cameras on the market

  • a 45º roll axis set up allows for obstruction free displays

  • Sport Mode for fast action capture

  • Switch between three user profiles with a simple click

  • App contains several automated features

  • S-Bus Port for compatibility with third party remote controllers

  • DC Power Cable to power your camera from the Ronin-S via your dummy battery

  • Max payload 3.6kg

  • Max battery life 12 hours


DJI Ronin-S

£38+VAT per day

Included with hire:


Extended Grip/Tripod

Camera Mounting Plate

Camera Riser

Lens Support

Focus Wheel

Top Hotshoe Bracket

RSS IR Control Cable

Multi Camera Control Cable Types A,B&C

USB-C Cable DC Out Power Cable

Power Adapter

Cheese Plate

Screws x 4

Allen Keys x 2

im2500 Peli Case

Ronin-S follow focus hire london
Ronin-s command unit hire london

Command Unit

£7 per day

Follow Focus Kit

£7 per day

DJI Ronin-S Overview

The set up and balancing procedures of the Ronin-S are similar to the larger Ronin and Movi Gimbals.  Set up is quick and easy, with the incorporated tripod/extension, allowing easy balancing of the tilt, roll and pan gimbals. Performance and tuning are handled by the app, which is intuitive to use, providing all the possible variants to get the controlled shots you need.

Although the Ronin-S kits available for hire from Superduck come with a focus wheel, this only works with certain cameras, such as the Panasonic GH5S, although DJI plan to add to the range over the coming months.

The Ronin-S supports a range of DSLR and mirrorless cameras from a number of manufacturers, including Nikon and Canon, but different cameras have varying levels of connection. Currently, Panasonic offers the greatest levels of compatibility with their GH5 and GH5S models working with all aspects of the Ronin-S, but it also works extremely well with the BMPCC 4K.

You can check on camera compatibility here.

Automated Creative Modes

The Ronin-S features a collection of pre-set creative features to give users exceptional results on both planned and spontaneous shots. Modes are available through the dedicated Ronin app, which you can download from the App Store to your phone.  The DJI Website lists the compatible phones for this app.

The following modes are available:

  • Panorama – Allows you to create detailed panoramas with ease.

  • Timelapse – Record hours of footage to be sped up into a few seconds for a unique perspective.

  • Motionlapse – Create an advanced moving timelapse for a dramatic shot with minimal equipment.

  • Track – Shoot a repeatable shot to achieve the highest levels of detail in your scene.